We can build a Legacy Labyrinth for you


We can dedicate an already existing labyrinth as a Legacy Labyrinth


As a visionary in your community and around the world become a patron of healing through your own Legacy Labyrinth. 

Would you like your labyrinth to be customized to your specific needs?  If not there are a few options below to consider as well as pricing.  Please know however, any Legacy Labyrinth can be customized for what you want/need.


      ·       Stone or Brick on Earth

      ·       Painted on Cement

·       Crushed Granite with Stone

·       Custom Paver

      These labyrinths range in price from $15,000 - $75,000


   What type of labyrinth would you like?

·       Chartes Style

·       Cretan Style

·       7 Circuit, 11 Circuit

·       Other

So how is a Legacy Labyrinth different from other labyrinths if they use the same materials and style?

Great question. 

There is no difference in the type or style. The difference comes in, in the Dedication, Connecting Intention and Annual Follow-up.  What this means is that each Legacy Labyrinth has a bronze plaque 11x14, that is placed at the Dedication and defines this labyrinth as a Legacy Labyrinth and what that means (link to a picture of a plaque). The plaque also has wording that the buyer wants on it as well, denoting the name of the labyrinth possibly, who it is dedicated to, when it was built, etc.

Also in the Dedication there is a part whereby the steward receives pieces of all other Legacy Labyrinths i.e. crystals from Argentina, sand from Jacksonville Beach, sea glass from Institute for Noetic Sciences, brick material from Ohio, wild grasses from Saskatchewan that are buried around the labyrinth to physically connect it to the others.

Each Legacy Labyrinth prior to building will have a mission that includes peace and healing for its community. Such as the Argentinean labyrinth dedicated to bringing people in that community together to effect the negative energies still existing from the Nazi’s from WWII. Or the labyrinth in Canada, dedicated to Mother Mary and all that she powerfully represents. So, one can see a Legacy Labyrinth not only is for peace missions in its own community but when connected to the other Legacy Labyriinths around the world, it becomes a global network.

An Intention is spoken at the Dedication that offers that this new labyrinth now connects with all other Legacy Labyrinths around the world for peace and healing.

A full page story with pictures is done by Veriditas and posted on their webpage and eNews announcing the new Legacy Labyrinth in the world. The same story will also be posted on the Legacy Labyrinth Project webpage as well.

The Legacy Labyrinth Project program coordinator will keep new labyrinth stewards aware of coming events on each of the Legacy Labyrinths.

How do I choose a designer/builder?

The Legacy Labyrinth Project works with the world’s best and most experienced designers and builders. The Legacy Labyrinth Project, the buyer, and designer/builder then work on a plan, a timeline, a budget and a contract.  Many phone calls, and emails will occur to make sure each step is clear and approved.

What else comes with the Legacy Labyrinth?

After a designer/builder is chosen then the buyer can choose from a menu of Veriditas offerings, such as discounts on facilitator trainings, Dr. Artress facilitating the Dedication, feature articles on the Veriditas website, events posted on the Veriditas calendar, full page pictures and story of the new Legacy Labyrinth’s home, etc.  All of these are items that are negotiable within the contract and available to the buyer.


  • Community volunteer organization for labor can be included
  • Project management of each project is included
  • Videoing of the build can be included
  • Local media coverage of the project can be included
  • Becoming a member of the Vision Council is included


How do I make my existing labyrinth into a Legacy Labyrinth?

We believe in intention.  And it is setting intentions and burying materials from all other Legacy Labyrinths in the linage that connects yours to all the others.  It is physical connecting, as well as setting intentions, and asking walkers to repeat that intention, also, throughout the history of your labyrinth.  Requirements to be a Legacy Labyrinth:

  • Placement of a bronze plaque denoting the intention and history of your labyrinth (this is supplied to you) 
  • An organized Dedication with the community where the materials are buried and the intention spoken
  • A commitment to be a part of the lineage
  • Prices begin at $3,000 - many custom options are available


For consultation or more information please contact
the Legacy Labyrinth Project