Legacy Labyrinths

The following pictures and stories are of the Legacy Labyrinths that have been built and dedicated thus far.  They are in four different countries on three different continents.

The goal, with your help, is to have at least one Legacy Labyrinth on each continent by 2020 and several on each continent by 2030.

Our vision is to create a network of labyrinths around the planet that have been specifically dedicated to connect with all other Legacy Labyrinths for the purpose of raising healing consciousness for the local and global community. 

We express this belief through building, dedicating and connecting labyrinths around the globe, with the specific intention to serve as beacons of higher consciousness.

“I know this labyrinth holds us and the land is pleased”
— Susan Howard

Saskatchewan, Canada

The Crossing
Val Marie, Saskatchewan

Legacy Labyrinth No. 4
Built June 2017

“Imagine a place where heaven meets Earth and breezes sail across a vast ocean of grass and endless horizon. Untouched by modern world, Canada’s Grasslands National Park is a refuge of solitude and space, dark skies and passing deer. A place where the mind wanders, and spirit roams free. It is a perfect place for Canada’s first Legacy Labyrinth”.
Susan Howard

On the edge of the parks, at The Crossing, a few kilometers south of the Village of Val Marie, Saskatchewan, Susan Howard and her husband Neil Ward with a team of Legacy Labyrinth volunteers completed the build of an 85’, 11 circuit, Chartes style, 500+ native glacier formed stones, grass labyrinth in June of 2017.  

Named after Susan’s mother Mary, Mary’s labyrinth also honours the energy and wisdom of Mother Mary, after whom the nearby village of Val Marie is named.  Susan shares a strong sense of the divine feminine and in particular Mother Mary  and is experiencing that same sense in the Legacy Labyrinth.

Reflecting life cycles, the seasons, transformation and change, Mary’s labyrinth echoes and honours nearby tipi rings as well as medicine wheels. Situated amid the subtle contours of the Frenchman river valley, the labyrinth overlooks iconic 70-mile Butte, a landmark of crossing for all who come through the region.

This stone/grass labyrinth is immensely solid and deeply dedicated to healing, knowing that the indigenous peoples of Canada walked this land seeking peace and transformation, makes is a perfect partner of the Legacy Labyrinth collective.

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La Falda, Argentina

Legacy Labyrinth No. 1
Built March 2014

Legacy Labyrinth One was built in La Falda, Argentina in 2014 to serve as a beacon of reconciliation for families and neighbors of the people forced to flee their homes in Europe during the Holocaust.  Built in the main public square, it is accessible to all, at all times.  Walkers are often treated to folk concerts and children’s play on and around the seven circuit Chartres style labyrinth built out of street pavement waste donated by the municipality.  Tu vida, Mi Vida, Una Vida (Your life, My life, One life) is the message of this build”.  

-Kristin Dura, Steward and member of the Legacy Labyrinth Team

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Petaluma, California

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Legacy Labyrinth No. 3
Built in 2011
Dedicated as a Legacy Labyrinth August 2016

Through the partnership of Veriditas and the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) there was a dedication of a beautiful Chartes style labyrinth as a Legacy Labyrinth, in 2016. IONS was founded in 1973 by astronaut Edgar Mitchell who had had an epiphany in space as he looked back to earth: “We are all Interconnected.  Nonlocality to a physicist is what interconnectedness is to a mystic.  They are the same. We are all interconnected”. This statement exemplifies how the Legacy Labyrinth Project views the interconnectedness of the Legacy Labyrinths as well. This profound knowing is the glue of the network of Legacy Labyrinths.

This Legacy Labyrinth is on a mountain outside of Petaluma on the campus of IONS. It overlooks miles of valley, and is visited daily by deer.  The apt name of this labyrinth is Deerheart.  Hawks, vultures, rabbits, and more of the awakened minds roam this labyrinth and contribute to it’s awakened soul. Deerheart as well as all the other Legacy Labyrinths utilize the networked nonlocal energy described by Mitchell as a place to enter into present moment and experience, “……instant global consciousness, a people orientation, and a compulsion to do something about it”.                                                            
|                                                                                                                             Edgar Mitchell

The Legacy Labyrinth Project recognizes the profound work of Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Dr. Lauren Artress Founder of Veriditas, author of  "The Sacred Path", who both have paved the way forus to see into how a labyrinth provides a tool to walk with collective consciousness, and it is also here that we can unite with Universal interconnectedness.

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OWU_Legacy Labyrinth.JPG

Ohio Wesleyan University

Delaware, Ohio

Legacy Labyrinth No. 2
Built April 2015

Kathe Rhinesmith’s family surprised her with donating the building of a labyrinth in her name at her alma mater, Ohio Wesleyan University.  Kathe had not only attended the University, but had served as its Director of the Board, and other service roles, in the years past graduation.  Kathe has a deep love for the labyrinth and her family wanted to honor that with this gift.

“Ohio Wesleyan University is my alma mater. I am donating a Legacy labyrinth to the campus to honor all those who walk it. I like the idea of the Legacy labyrinth Project that links all these newly built labyrinths together with intention and dedication of peace and healing.”

Kathe Rhinesmith

There is a large inter-faith student body at Ohio Wesleyan, and many different types of faith churches in the neighborhood of the school.  It was the plan of the Chaplain and others on  faculty to utilize the global connections of the Legacy Labyrinth as a way to walk in peace together.  To realize that we really do walk as One.

Twenty five percent of the student body of Ohio Wesleyan is from out of the country.  These students bring rich global diversity to the interfaith labyrinth walks.  They have the opportunity to bring peace and healing to their campus, to themselves and to those in their own countries of origin.

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Coming Soon....Legacy Labyrinth No. 6


Maison St. Yves

Chartes, France

To be dedicated in September 2018. If you would like to come and help us and to learn dates, please email: chris@legacylabyrinthproject.org and let us know you would like to be a part of the Dedication!