We believe in global healing consciousness
through the labyrinth experience


We express this belief through building, dedicating and connecting labyrinths around the globe, with the specific intention to serve as beacons of higher consciousness.

Our vision is to create a network of labyrinths around the planet that have been specifically dedicated to connect with all other Legacy Labyrinths for the purpose of raising healing consciousness for the local and global community. 

Currently the Project has built, dedicated and connected five labyrinths world wide with the vision of representation of at least one on each continent by 2020. Our intention is to  connect all Legacy Labyrinths with materials from each (flint from France, rose quartz from Argentina, brick pavers from Ohio, sea glass from California, and wild grass from Saskatchewan, etc.) so they all physically connect to each other. 

With this physical connection, an intention is set at the labyrinth dedication that all who walk one Legacy Labyrinth will be walking for all those on all continents.  By physically connecting the Legacy Labyrinths we are forming a grid of sorts. By setting the intention at each location for peace and healing for all who walk, we are creating a community...a collective.