Walking a Legacy Labyrinth

All Legacy Labyrinths are physically connected. If you walk with a peaceful intent on one Legacy Labyrinth (Argentina, for example) you are connecting to all others on the path of Legacy Labyrinths around the globe: North America, South America, Europe, etc.

A Walking Intention for Peace (can be repeated while walking a Legacy Labyrinth)

Source, walk with me

Peace in Every Step

Balance and Harmony for myself and the World


“There is knowing beyond us that heals.”

- LLP founder, Chris Katzenmeyer

“We came into this world connected to everything.  Why not claim that miracle and use it for good”

Chris Katzenmeyer, Legacy Labyrinth Project founder

Why walk a Legacy Labyrinth?

To send peaceful intentions to self and the world.

To receive peaceful intentions from others around the globe.

To consciously connect to intentional healing energy.

“Walking a Legacy Labyrinth for me, makes me feel like I can impact a lot of people with my intention of peace.  I want to impact a lot of people, and knowing that these labyrinths are connected infuses my soul that I am doing good work, and meaningful work.”

Tom Bigalow, global Legacy Labyrinth walker

“Some people don’t know how intentions work, and not that I really do either, but I know if I intend peace from me to someone walking a Legacy Labyrinth in (say)Chartres, France, I am connecting with the peaceful consciousness of the globe, and that people in Chartres can receive my intention of peace.”

Annie Bryan, global Legacy Labyrinth walker

I walk to connect to global consciousness of peace and healing”

Sandra Monaby, global Legacy Labyrinth walker