“People want to belong to a collective
in these times, a collective that works with the soul and universal consciousness.
Labyrinths are an archetypal tool to guide us and connect us ”
— Dr. Lauren Artress 

The Legacy Labyrinth Project began as a Board of Directors led project whereby board members, builders, and communities could come together and volunteer to build labyrinths in communities where peace and healing was needed. 

The Project started in 2013 as a way to integrate the impact of the labyrinth experience to the world’s need for healing. 

Veriditas is the home of the labyrinth movement and Dr. Lauren Artress’s vision of “peppering the planet” with labyrinths. Her vision certainly came true.  It is now the time to network those labyrinths into something powerful, for the Earth as a whole. Each Legacy Labyrinth built in the world has the option of Dr. Artress leading the Dedication and each Legacy Labyrinth’s steward is invited to join the Project’s Vision Council.

When purchasing a Legacy Labyrinth or choosing to dedicate one of your own as a Legacy Labyrinth, Veriditas is involved in discounting prices for labyrinth facilitator training in your community, as well as a number of other bonus discounts.

The Legacy Labyrinth Project will become a non-profit organization in May 2018 and work in partnership with Veriditas.