Building a New Legacy Labyrinth in your Community


Are you considering building a new labyrinth in your community that could connect to the global network of Legacy Labyrinths? We contract with the best builders in the world and utilize their skills dependent upon what type of labyrinth you would like to build.  They are all available for consult through the Legacy Labyrinth Project.

Here is what you need to know:

Legacy Labyrinths can be customized to meet your needs.  They can be made of any materials, be any size, and any design. We have made them out of stone, painted cement, crushed granite with stone, custom pavers, and actual ruble from a flooded street.  In 2020 we will be building a labyrinth out of broken house parts from a hurricane that destroyed an entire country.

Stone or Brick on Earth

Painted on Cement

Crushed Granite with Stone

Custom Paver


Building a labyrinth ranges in price from $15,000-$85,000 depending upon materials, style, and labor.

Chartes Style

Cretan Style

7 Circuit, 11 Circuit


Who builds the legacy Labyrinths?

The Legacy Labyrinth Project works with the world’s best and most experienced designers and builders in the world.  Each new Legacy Labyrinth is paired with a designer and builder that best matches the project design, location and materials being used.  The designer, and Legacy Labyrinth Project Manager, work directly with a new buyer on all details.

How Does a New Legacy Labyrinth get Connected to the Global Network of Legacy Labyrinths? 

Great question!

 It gets connected to ALL the others worldwide in 4 distinct ways:

1.       Setting intentions for Peace: Each labyrinth has a community dedication, and at that dedication each participant sets an intention for themselves of peace and an intention for peace and healing for their local and global community.  Intentions are often written and buried in the ground around the labyrinth;

2.       Physically connected with materials from each labyrinth: Each labyrinth in the network of Legacy Labyrinths are made of different materials.  Materials from each of the labyrinths are buried around each of the labyrinths during the dedication or sometime after.  This facilitates a physical connection of each Legacy Labyrinth to each other;

3.       Bronze plaque: Each labyrinth has an 11x14 bronze plaque placed to inform the new walkers what is a Legacy Labyrinth, and how to set intentions for peace.  It can have other information as well, dependent upon what the owner requests;

4.       Annual Peace Event: Each labyrinth has an annual Peace Event, coordinated through the Legacy Labyrinth Project.  This is a community labyrinth walking event, whereby walkers on all continents walk together at the same time with peaceful intent for each other.  The full intention of the Legacy Labyrinth Project is to grow these events exponentially per year, so there are masses of people walking for peace all over the globe.



For A Complementary consultation or more information please contact
The Legacy Labyrinth Project Executive Director